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What do you use to draw?

⸺ I usually use the app Procreate on my 12.9inch, 2nd generation iPad Pro with my Apple Pencil. If you'd like information on a specific brush I use, please feel free to DM me on social media, as I frequently change my brushes up.

How long will my commission take to finish?

⸺ Estimated working time can vary from a few days to several weeks, so please keep that in mind! However, finishing commissions in a timely manner is very important to me, so I try to get them finished within at least a week. A client will be notified of any potential delays or set-backs as soon as I'm aware of them.
⸺ That is why it is important for the client to notify me in advance if there will be a deadline for when a commission must be completed, prior to any payment so I can let them know whether I will be able to meet those requirements or not.

Why do you need full pay upfront?

⸺ Unfortunately, when advertising outside of my trusted circle of clients, there is a risk of potential scammers. This is also why I rely on invoicing via PayPal, as it offers better protections against said scammers. But I'll always do my best on my end to provide my clients with proper goods and services.

Can I deviate from the commission menu?

⸺ Sure! If you've looked through my work and found something you like that's not listed on my commissions page, please feel free to send me that example and what you'd like from it! This includes different styles I've done (e.g. Invader ZIM, Animal Crossing, fursonas, specific type of coloring style or line-art style, etc.) as well as if you'd like a specific layout or format, like a character sheet or mini-comic and such. As long as you send me an example from my previous works, I can make out an estimate of the cost and let you know upfront what it'll be.

Can I use/repost your art?

⸺ For COMMISSIONED art: Only the commissioner has permission to use this art. You would have to ask the commissioner for permission.
⸺ For NON-COMMISSIONED art: You may use my art for personal use (e.g. social media icon, banner, phone wallpaper, etc.). But please be sure to credit me if it is used on a public site!
Please do NOT use or repost art of my original characters for any reason, unless I permit otherwise.